Red hands and white lies

by Ya----Na   Sep 5, 2018

Our love could have been anything...

A song playing on the beaches of Miami
or a valley found in between the mountains
of the moon;
a kid thrilled for an endless roller coaster ride
or a beautiful coincidence happens
on a wistful day.
However, you failed
to keep these gifts from nature in mind.

Let's forget it and imagine
a kite in the rainfall or a tree
in the summer winds
— my soul has felt that pain;
a missing piece of a puzzle
or a poem waiting for the title
— my life is going through the same.
Everyone is someone;
I am, certainly, what you just imagined.

From the moment,
I looked into your mesmeric eyes,
it was clear they would leave me
in the middle of nowhere,
yet I pulled myself in and took the risk
worth not taking.
Now, I am away from home, friends;
digging up our vows in the graveyard of tears
(somewhere in the beginning of my end.)

And you are on a new road
to do the treason with the hearts
you live in
yet forget not to cover up the tracks
blood red hands
with dust of your white lies.


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Latest Comments

  • 7 months ago

    by Michael

    White lies, little lies are all deceit. So true as you write that a liars tracks have to be covered. But so mush negative energy manifests within that one.
    It is a sad tale you write here, but in a wonderful way it makes it a joy to read, as always my friend
    M :)

  • 7 months ago

    by Brenda

    Shane, I'm sorry...relationships can be heart hurts for you...hugs-

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