Took Some Pills Pt. 2

by Andrea   Nov 21, 2004

The coach in this class didn’t care if we talked.
So he left the room and we were alone.
There weren’t that many other kids in there

There were three guys around me.
Logan and the others were his friends.
I’ve seen and talked to them before.

Logan started telling them what was wrong with me.
I started laughing and said he was lying.
They all looked at me very funny.

I didn’t really know what was going on.
But I was getting bored and I wanted to sleep.
I started to drift off and my eyes shut slightly.

I could hear distant mumbling and then my name.
Next thing I know, Logan shouts and hits me.
I opened my eyes and he began to yell.

“Don’t you dare go to sleep!”
I was confused, I didn’t know why.
But looking at his face, he was kinda scary.

He kept asking me questions.
I don’t remember what they were.
But I think I answered them truthfully.

He looked extremely worried
And I remember this he said,
“I care about you. Please don’t do this again.”

He and his friends started talking.
I kept staring at the chalkboard.
My head started to feel very heavy.

I felt like I was paralyzed, I couldn’t move.
I was getting sleepy again.
So my eyes gently shut.

Logan and his friends shook me hard,
But my eyes never opened.
He took my water and poured it on me.

I was soaked as I began to wake.
They dared me to get up but I said no.
All of a sudden they were lifting me up.

I yelled for them to put me down
That I could get up myself.
They sat back and watched me struggle.

The bell rang it was time for lunch,
But they all had class next and didn’t know what to do.
Helping me stand, I had to lean against Logan.

Him and another guy helped me to a friend.
She looked at me worriedly and asked what happened.
I whispered in his ear and begged him to not tell.

He looked me and then her and said,
“Just please do not let her fall asleep”
He walked away not knowing what was to come.

My friend looked very worried
Because of how I was acting.
I told her I need to go to the bathroom.

She held my arm and took me inside.
I managed to say I would be just a minute.
So she left and went ahead to lunch.

I couldn’t take it anymore.
I was so messed up.
I went to the last bathroom stall.

My body was too heavy
That I couldn’t stand anymore.
I feel to the dirty floor and laid down.

I thought about weird things for a long time.
Then my eyes began to flutter and shut.
Finally I could sleep with no one bothering me.

Not even moments later, my friend came back.
She hollered my name and then found me.
She started to shake and hit me.

I was coming around a little bit,
But my eyes would not open.
I just felt like I wanted to sleep forever.

She started to force my eyes open
And I looked at her funny.
Everything was so bright, I wanted the dark.

I started drifting off again
Until something inside wouldn’t let me.
Coming into consciousness, I could feel pain.

I didn’t want to feel like this ever again.
My friend continued trying to wake me up
I could feel anger beginning to flare.

My eyes were now slightly open
She pulled me up vigorously
“I’m taking you to the nurse,” she said.

I tried to yell no, but instead it was weak.
I was so scared. I didn’t know what to do.
She looked at me and could see my fear.

“You can’t even stand up!” she shouted.
I shook my head yes.
“Fine then, stand for five minutes.”

It took all of my strength to do this,
But I had to because no one could know.
She didn’t take me and I was so relieved.

I am sorry I cannot tell you anything else
That happened on Friday.
I do not even remember.

I just woke up this morning
And thought this was all a dream.
I am terrified to go to school Monday.

I have received a couple of messages
From my friend that cared
She told me what happened.

She said how worried she was.
I hope she doesn’t tell anyone,
But why couldn’t she have let me sleep?

It would have been better for me to die.
Even though now I am scared
Because I came real close to.

I am not sure the point of telling this
I guess I just had to get it out of my mind.
But I know it never will…

**Thank you so much for reading this**


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Latest Comments

  • 10 years ago

    by MoveAlong

    Stay strong and move on. When life gets to heavy tell a friend and give them a bit of the weight. They'll be happy to hold it for a while. My friend took pills and came to school. I had to help her. It scared me. It wasn't worth it for her in the end. She lived but bearly. Dont do this to you. Your worth more than that. If that doesnt stop you think about your friends and how much it must hurt them to see you the way you were.

  • 13 years ago

    by Malenda

    I love your poem but doing this to yourself is not the answer!!!!
    I have 2 friends that going through the same thing your going through abusve parents,drugs,BOYS i have ears thats ready to listen you can famous one day for the things your writing My email address is 0r you can reach me at BYE LOVE YA!

  • 13 years ago

    by Jacklyn

    hey great poem, better then the first one, but you need the first one to know what was goin on, keep it up :) PLP

    ~lil slam~

  • 13 years ago

    by Dani

    pimped out girl....thats sounds like an experience i had but i like woke up two days later (literally) and i was inside my class reading a book...kinda weird i didnt even know the day or nothing....kinda crazy....but GREAT

  • 13 years ago

    by Denise John

    Hey gurl, please dont do that anymore
    because thats not the answer just enjoy life and dont take any more of those damn pillz. Aight Cya (Keep up the good work with your poem writing)
    *Denise John*