Ode To Garbage Man

by Lemon Squeezy   Dec 29, 2006

My garbage man, he is the best,
I favor him above the rest.
What would we all do without him,
I do believe his name is Tim.

Tim is such a great,grand fellow,
He takes all our junk, and rotten jello.
He clears the land of all the trash,
And doesn't stop for new year's bash.

He doesn't break on Christmas day,
Nope,with his garbage truck he'll stay.
Through the thick and through the thin,
Tim will carry out our bins.

So when you see the garbage man,
Weather He be Tim or Stan,
When you give him your garbage can,
You go out shake his hand.

He deserves Our full attention,
Not to mention a good size pension.
Well garbage men I thank you,
For serving me and America too.

(c) 2006 Lemon Squeezy. All Rights Reserved


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