Russian Roulette

by Matt Carroll   Feb 6, 2007

Take the taste from my lips and the light from my eyes

The love from my heart, the sound from my cries

The spark from my soul, the peace from my mind

The warmth from my fingers, the sun from my skies

Drag me down further as you tighten this rope

Destroy all my dreams and displace all my hope

Claw away at my faith n' shred up all my prayers

Send me deep into sorrows with which I can't cope

Lock me up tighter, just throw on those chains

Take hold of your blade, draw the blood from my veins

Cut the wings from my back, rip the cross from my neck

Keep on your quest 2 see me writhing in pain

Take the life from my body, the last of your prize

Like russian roulette, 'cept we know exactly who dies

So as I'm fading away, one last, final thought

"All I did was love why, baby why..."

I wrote it at like 5 this morning...first piece I've written in months...I hope you enjoyed it...


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  • 11 years ago

    by Cathy

    This is a good poem, I enjoyed reading it, check out some of mine sometime if youd like.

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