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I am a mother of two wonderful little girls
My daughters are not here with me, regretably due to circumstance I thought that I could not control. I live, I breathe, I write, and I exsist for them, for without them life itself isa meaningless. I have lived though all kinds of hell, I have seen my fair share of messed up things in this life, but I am a firm beliver in what doesn't kill us makes us makes us stronger. Writting poetry is my release, It easing the pain that cuttin once relieved, and it erases the scars that nothing could heal. I am happily married, my husband like myself is also depressed most of the time dealing with his own forms of loss, we are each others inspiration, without him by myside I could not face an empty world.

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  • When all is quiet and I can't sleep, I think of...
    I sit here wondering just what I am going to do...

  • Ink injected ivory skin,
    Dripping wet with sex and sin...

  • My reflection ripples in the blue waters.
    That barely kiss the sandy shore...

  • These tears, staining my face, will not stop...
    I am lost and i do not know where I am going...

  • Swirling, spiraling dark souls,
    claw at my arms with razor sharp nails...

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  • True love never dies it merely fades away

    10 years ago
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  • What are dreams if not the keys that unlock the past as well as the future

    10 years ago
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