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My earliest poems are dark and sad, reflective of my state of mind at the time and the pain I was feeling. The next block are angry and mean showing I was still healing and focused on my father issues. My latest poem is a wrap up of all the previous ones, no longer trapped in a dark depression or fueled by consuming rage and hate, it shows I am now whole and my past no longer affects me. It also shows I am still growing but have made peace with my demons and am ready to move on, now in control of my life instead of being a puppet. I like how you can actually see me getting better, from my early poems to now. While they are very basic and not very well written I am happy with them because they are an outlet for what needed to be said, an expression of my confused emotions.

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  • Looking backs I see a child.
    A girl gripped by fear and anger...

  • I'm not very happy with how this poem has turned...

  • How do I explain the many scars upon my arms?
    Is there a way to say the words so you do not...

  • Love.
    The letters seem so empty...

  • Why do I seek love?
    The word sounds so plain...

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  • When you squeeze the trigger does your gun decide fire? No. It is a weapon, follows its handlers will.

    10 years ago
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  • Your by my side when I'm falling down, in my heart when were apart, on my lips for that gentle kiss, always loving every flaw

    10 years ago
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  • Through the war, pain and death, one thing is obvious. Love. Though theres hate at every turn, there is always love. Somewhere in this world. Never forget it.

    10 years ago
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