Favorite Poems of Melissa

  • Midnight Dreams (3)

    by Corpseful

    Midnight dreams
    Turn into 3am screams...

  • The end.. (4)

    by KissMeLikeYouMeanIt09

    Corrupted future,
    shattered dreams...

  • How come

    by natalie

    How come
    we always want...

  • Left Broken

    by Unknown2Thyself

    Held back so many tears,
    Hid behind all my childish fears...

  • Come home

    by InvisibleHourglass

    I'm afraid to feel
    I start to laugh...

  • You hurt me deep.

    by Codi Roberts

    You broke my heart
    When you ripped us apart...

  • Growing Up (1)

    by XxTwisteDxxMinDxX

    Your close friend becomes your worst enemy.
    your boyfriend becomes a prick...

  • Replayed Pain

    by Hidden Feelings within these Words

    P-ale and Grey, she looks so dead.
    A-bout to fall to her lonely grave...

  • Death's Lullaby (1)

    by HollyWoods

    Sleep my baby... and don't forget...
    Tonight you might as well be dead...

  • I remember (6)

    by MERCY is never shown

    I lay here awake all night
    with thoughts of you...

  • How Many Tears Are Left In My Eyes? (2)


    How many tears are left in my eyes?
    Why do I laugh when I really want to cry...

  • Bloody Tears

    by Honey Kisses 18

    Teardrops of my soul hit the floor as i remember...
    These feelings i feel i thought were not misplaced...

  • I Thought (10) 1

    by dora

    I thought I was lost but now I'm found
    I turned a new page without u around...

  • Forsaken Angel

    by Jessica

    Once I was adored,
    once I was loved...

  • Books Of Blood

    by Jessica

    The cover is written in blood,
    the words written in tears...

  • Evil Puppet (16)

    by a broken smile with a broken heart is a poets life

    Sitting on a cabinet
    Watching every one...

  • Betrayal (3)

    by Francis Vaska

    Two kids loved each other
    wanted to be with each other...

  • Suicide in heaven (1)

    by resisting reason

    Up in heaven
    Angels are crying...

  • There is no point (1)

    by dontlookpassmytears

    Pain is like an ocean
    its deep and dark...

  • Suicide, Sweetness and Ice (2)

    by Hear You Me

    Step off a stone,
    Into Lover's Leap...

    So tell me mother, if I were to die tonight...

  • I'm A Fighter!

    by Sugar

    Yesterday I was down
    I'm always caught with a frown...

  • Endless Waterfall of Blood

    by The Angel of Secrets

    The knife had cut all the way to her bone,
    Trying so hard to reveal all that was never shown...

  • Fake Boyfriend (1)

    by Jenny

    You say i changed
    But it's your personality that ranged...

  • Roses are red
    violets are blue...

  • Hiding in her room alone,
    How does no one see her pain...

  • The Path I Chose (3)

    by shadow

    It is time to grow up and move it along
    Forget all that shit that did you wrong...

  • Candle's were shimmering the night
    an emotional fire burns within us...

  • Lost at sea

    by a broken smile with a broken heart is a poets life

    I am lost at sea, with no one by myside.
    I am keeping my feet from the water for fear I'll...

  • On my mirror (2)

    by charmis

    Now, i am looking at this girl
    she's simple, nice and happy...

  • I've held my deepest breaths in the shallowest...
    and I can not say that I've missed vast oceans...

  • Perfection in my eyes

    by TiNkErBeLl18

    All I ever wanted was to be part of your heart,
    And for us to be together, to never be apart...

  • Once Upon A Time (5)

    by JustKristina

    Once upon a time.
    A girl believed in you...

  • True Love (36)

    by Hollymariee

    Please love , dry your eyes ..
    There's no reason for you to cry...

  • Passing Time

    by nemo

    Days pass as smiles weaken
    Things will never be the same...