Quotes About Depression

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  • When depression was the sky, you taught me how to fly.

    by Tessa
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  • Words mean NOTHING.

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  • The pain of losing you is too much.

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  • I can't keep pretending that everything's okay.

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  • Razor, wrist. Wrist, razor. Oh aren't you two the sweetest couple!

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  • We engage in laughter till our sadness becomes voiceless, but it's still there, banging at the walls of our hearts, tearing at that fabric called love.

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  • Just imagine the blood leaking everywhere is turning to oil, all the world will take the proper action.

    by Khalid
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  • Love is never been a good thing for me..it was always full of sadness and pain.:(

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  • Someday things will get better,
    sounds like a lie covering up the truth,
    you think your helping me feel better,
    but im wise beyond my youth.

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  • Do you know what it feels like to have no one to talk to..when you need it at most?

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