Fathers Day Poems

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  • Daddy's Little Girl (1)

    by Marissa Ryan

    Daddy's little girl so small and cute,
    So safe in daddy's arms...

  • A Very Special Gift!

    by Marie McFarland

    One, Two, Three, Four, Five
    There love will thrive...

  • My Niece's Wedding (1)

    by Bhavin

    Filled up with emotions, my heartbeats race
    Joy and elation glitter on everyone's face...

  • Fathers are love (1)

    by Samantha

    Fathers are called Dad.
    Fathers are called Daddy...

  • Daddy (1)

    by Beautiful Chaos

    My father was a stern, strong man,
    Full of power and pride...

  • Vine

    by Sarah

    This little girl
    sat side by side...

  • Throughout these wonderful years
    You have given me advice...

  • I don't hate you father (2)

    by poetic Justice

    I Don't know his name is he dead or alive
    Who is this guy who has eyes like mine...

  • The Rainbow (1)

    by Marie McFarland

    I saw a rainbow painting the sky,
    The colors were flying ever so high...

  • Side By Side

    by Isabelle K Xiong

    The young man laying on his bed
    The old man cries and look so sad...

  • Father (1)

    by bill

    I love you!i love you!i love you!i love you!i love...

  • Dad, Please Come home (2)

    by BrokenBrit

    Left you a message,
    Waited days by the phone...