Thanksgiving Quotes

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  • 'Thank you Lord
    For the turbulence and ordeal
    you have put me to.
    You have made me..
    Realize my strenths.
    Problems in life will not
    break me up..
    But it will make me
    stronger and more stronger.
    Thank you so much O Lord..'


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  • The more you thank the more you Receive.Always give for giver never lack

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  • Thanksgiving is just a time for families to pretend they get along & pretend they're okay.

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  • I'm Thanking you,
    For giving me life.
    To : God

    I'm thanking you,
    for not giving me up.
    To : Mom

    I'm thanking you,
    for giving me your love.
    To : David

    I Love You!

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  • Thanksgiving is the day people use for excuses as to why they are off their diet.

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