Size Zero

by BleedingAngel   Sep 25, 2008

I try to erase you from my mind
The thoughts of you hurts within
I want you out of my life
But only you will keep me thin

The first time I met her, Ana
I let her take my self control
I thought she was here to help me
Instead she killed my soul

She told me how to hate myself
And she showed me real pain
One of her many rules were;
Only to cry in the pouring rain

But her many rule was food
I was not allowed to eat
I often fainted from´hunger
And ccouldn'tstand on my feet

Ana made me exercise all day
Until my body hurt like hell
This was out little secret and
I swore I would never tell

My family noticed the weight loss
Said that I was getting too thin
But Ana said they were lying
Because a size zero is very in

All of my bones were sticking out
And Ana was really proud of me
But still it was not good enough
And I ccouldn'tfail her, you see

Ana, my best friend for 5 years
But it is time for me to let her go
I cannot fight this anymore
Ana will find a new friend, I know

So I try to erase you from my mind
I don't want you in my head
I can finally begin to live again
And to me, Ana remains dead!

Copyright 2008 - Sabrina Stelmach


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Latest Comments

  • 12 years ago

    by Trampled Angel

    Well done. I have had several people very close to me struggle with this disease, and I have had my own struggles with it. As a psych major in college, I always find it so interesting how we personify anorexia. I mean, it is so true, but also very interesting. though we feel like we re letting down someone when we fail, it also is helpful because in recovery we can try to disconnect to Anorixia as an entity, instead of trying to be healed from a disease. I enjoyed this poem.


  • 12 years ago

    by Ramblings of an ageing Kid

    I liked this very much, I felt this really deep inside especially that I have got to know some size zero wannabes :))

    Nice poem keep writing!!