The Words I Couldn't Speak

by SiLeNtLy ScReAmInG   Dec 20, 2008

If only I could speak the words,
The ones held always in my heart,
Begging you not to leave again,
I don't want us to be apart.

I hate to see the pain I bring,
This isn't what I choose,
I'm just a pawn in a sick game,
And it's you I stand to lose.

Saying I didn't love you,
Was the blackest lie I could ever tell,
My heart shattered inside,
Knowing it was because of me, you fell.

So desperately I wanted,
To take you tightly by the hand,
Reassure you of my love,
Pull you from this deadly quicksand.

Yet here I sit bound and gagged,
Forced to watch as you slip deeper,
Letting you go for a moment,
To save you from this sadistic reaper.

Unsure of the path we'll take,
Not knowing if we'll make it through,
Unwilling to carry on,
If I have to carry on without you.

The nights I've spent away,
I cried myself to sleep,
Begging God to let me tell you,
I'm still forever yours to keep.

Silently I cried out to you,
Over and over again the words repeat,
I'm sorry, I love you, I swear I do,
Can't you see I'm crying at your feet?

The lies I was forced to say,
So much worse knowing you believed,
Forgotten all the things I ever told you,
So easily you let yourself be deceived.

How many nights did I swear to you,
I would always stay,
Yet with just one time, one night,
You let me push you away.

I'm here still and I love you,
Please won't you take me back,
I know, I know it's all my fault,
That your world again went black.

This wasn't what I wanted,
Just wished to save you and your son,
Please, please, won't you hear me,
Don't tell me that you and I are done.

My heart is still in your possession,
The love I have still strong,
I never want to leave you,
Cause it's in your arms I belong.


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Latest Comments

  • 10 years ago

    by Sexual hysterias

    Aweh. This is really great; and I read the comment from the person named Jack, and I'm guessing that's the person this was about. It's really sweet and I find it so easy to relate to it. Great job. I would also appreciate it if you would comment/rate my newest piece called "I solemnly swear." Thank you.

  • 10 years ago

    by Em

    So much passion and emotion was put into this, that's why it was such an enjoyable piece. 5/5. Em x

  • 10 years ago

    by ilikepurple222

    I love this one with a passion. it's so amazing. the words you use to describe all of the emotion is perfect. i understand it all really clearly. keep it up!!!! comment on any of mine please because i would love to hear your thoughts on mine.

  • 11 years ago

    by ilikepurple222

    I love how you describe everything so perfectly. when i read these, i can almost feel the pain that you were going through. it's amazing to read. keep it up!!!!!

  • 11 years ago

    by Faithless

    Wow i really like poem.I can feel the emotions running through it from the start to the finish.Well sometimes it hurt us deep to tell the person whom we love most that we "no longer feel for them" due to certain reason. I can relate to this poem of ur as i too have gone thru the same thing as u.I think the poem ends beautifully as eventhough the both of u have gone separate ways but he still roams around ur heart.

    Excellent Job

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