The Devil in My Eyes

by Tara   Mar 10, 2014

A girl once lived in wonderland, was privileged from the start;
The only thing she ever lacked was love to fill her heart.
And she grew up a princess, didn't mind about the toads;
She danced through life in her own tune, she traveled her own roads.

She met a lonely drifter marching off to his own beat,
His eyes were filled with suffering, his heart filled with defeat.
When he reached out his hand to her, she could not just pass by;
But thought she saw a devil out the corner of her eye.

He swept right in and moved real fast, held on to her so tight,
She couldn't see the devil 'cause he read his scripts just right.
And she felt like a princess every time he'd tell her more,
"You're perfect, oh so gorgeous, you're the one that I adore!"

Prince Charming took her hands and made her fall for his embrace,
She couldn't see the devil through the mask held to his face.
He must have left it off the day that she was running late -
His face twisted in anger and his eyes filled up with hate.

He grabbed her by her princess locks and tossed her to the ground,
"You witch, what's going on out there? Are you messing around?"
I'm sorry didn't do the trick, he yanked her hair once more,
"Shut up or else I'm going to stomp you right on through the floor!"

She closed her mouth and shut her eyes and prayed for this to end;
And thought she might have heard the devil laughing in the wind.
Subsiding now, the tension's eased, he looks at her and stares....
"I'm sorry, love. You know I'm still the only one who cares."

It never stopped, in fact it seemed to go the other way -
He made her feel so small, and trashed her every single day.
One day the mirror showed someone she couldn't recognize.
The destroyed, ripped up image made her need to close her eyes.

"See, no one else will ever love someone as trashed as you.
My love for you is different, it's the only one that's true."
"This can't be love. Let's part our ways," she begged with all her might;
"Now why you got to go and make us have to start to fight?!"

He pulled her to his face, and pointed up off to the skies,
"I'm going to kill you now, you listen! Won't you realize!"
He spit and cussed and told her how ungrateful that she was,
And told her just how wrong she was in everything she does.

Curled in a ball, hands over ears, heart slashed with his remark,
Peeked out one eye, and saw the devil smiling in the dark.
He tells her not to worry, everything will be okay....
She only sleeps now with one eye, and wiping tears away.

She felt for him, ached for his soul that throbbed without a heart;
But knew to make it out alive, they'd have to be apart.
When she could run she took her chance, but knew it was too late -
He took her body, mind and soul and sealed her ugly fate.

I'm broken, drifter!
You took heaven right out from my skies....
You stole my light away
And put the devil in my eyes.


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Latest Comments

  • 4 years ago

    by DirgeVenustas

    This was absolutely incredible. It brings up images of an abusive relationship. It was perfect. Great story. Great rhyming, great story telling. It was emotional. Awesome. 10/10.

  • 4 years ago

    by IdTakeABulletForYou

    I didn't like the last line, perhaps it belongs in parenthesis as just an emotional addition to the poem, but the rest of it was a spot on, grade A story. Wonderful job!


  • 6 years ago

    by Darclyfe

    A poem like this defines the word experience. Even saying the poem flows like an open book and this was woeful but amazing tale.

    5/5 Perfect
    Darclyfe :)

  • 6 years ago

    by Randy Lee

    Time can be our enemy, and time can be our friend. I have missed you.

  • 6 years ago

    by BlueJay

    There is a lot more than story to this piece. it is a very decent piece and the emotion is extraordinarily well penned and clear. your descriptions and imagery were decent as well.