Fighting the fight

by Alex Penuelas   Feb 19, 2017

It's rather amazing actually.

How much we are
That the best love
Is that which is
Fought for.

We hear old sayings
That those whom are
"Hard to get"
Make the best lovers.

That isn't necessarily the case.

Personally, I used to believe that
There was something poetic
About fighting hard to win the heart
of the person whom you

Going through hell and high water,
Slaying many a beast,
To find her in a castle,
Guarded by many demons and Dragons,
and that once you slay them,
and tear down the fortress,
You will have her.

This story is as old as time itself.
Told many a time,
By many different civilizations,
In many different ways.

Sadly, they never left a footnote
Of many caveats to
This story,
But more importantly,
How unrealistic the story is.

I thought it was really romantic
To fight for somebody,
to try to win them over with your wooing,
to bring them many a gift of their
Favorite things,
And to be there through the
Brightest and darkest times.

And, if need be, to fight the fight
To win them back,
Once you lost favor in their eyes,
In their mind,
And in their hearts.

However, I now sit here,
With what's left of my heart,
Broken into many pieces of pebble
And crushed like cracked concrete,
Where such a hope used to lie.

There are no dragons,
No demons.
No sleeping Beauty,
No Snow White trapped by an
Evil witch.

And no, the princess is not in another castle.

I am here to tell you all
That there is nothing,
Absolutely nothing,
Romantic or lovely about
Having to continuously convince
Somebody to love you back.


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Latest Comments

  • 3 years ago

    by Ren

    Ah...the complications and many trials of love. Why must it be so complicated?
    There is nothing good about having a broken heart...except maybe the lessons learned. But it is painful and can leave many scars that never truly go away.
    Even though it's sad...I like the way you intertwined story book love with reality. It really puts into perspective what we consider love as children and what we end up experiencing as we get older.
    Very creative.
    Shattered hearts may be painful and messy...but the amazing thing is they always find a way to put themselves back together...allowing us to love again someday :)

  • 3 years ago

    by Everlasting

    Yup. I wouldn't know yet though.
    But a relationship is about two and it's about the two wanting to be together. So it won't matter the obstacles that both experience. Sure there will be ups and downs, happiness and sadness, anger and frustration, etc but if both want to be together, They both will manage.

    However, coming from the view point of a woman, the guy must have something that makes the girl want to be with him. So I am assuming that's what the stories' main point is about. Usually, it used to be that the guy must make the girl feel secure; hence, the guy going through trials upon trials to save her... etc.

    Ultimately, everyone has their own love story. But I like reading your view point about those stories.

    • 3 years ago

      by Alex Penuelas

      Hence why at the very end I advised all to not get into one sided relationships. Because all they'll do is reap the rewards and give nothing back.

  • 3 years ago


    Alex, I'm glad I came across your poem. It is such a sad write, and yes, a very true one also. Your words used were exactly the right ones to use, and made the poem just so complete and worth reading. You have a talent there Alex, and I hope to see some more work from your pen!

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