by -Choke-On-MY-Halo-   Dec 9, 2017

I find myself
in between
roads; one
leading towards
a simple path
filled with simpler
dreams and even
more typical safe
same old routine.
Filled with roses
all without thorns
that'd prick away
all pain of a rocky
life, a wonder in
a hellish world.

Thee other one
with spice and
a lust for wonder;
like a gentle soul
making it's mark in
the sand. Unique
yet different from
a bland, but safe
life, never a dull
moment for every
second of every day
there would be a
new horizon to conquer.
Fire in a soul that would
torch the world with
everlasting beauty.

Do I venture into a world
where I could take my
comfort and deposit it
into a bank to collect
interest for years only
to cash it when I grow
into a wise somebody?

Could I take the path less
travelled only to see what
could have been in my dreams?
Where only doubts coming
from within could shred any
true happiness that'd been

Or is there a third path to take,
though few know the way?


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