Turning back and looking forward

by Michael   Jan 17, 2018

Your heart is an organ-

playing a melody of your kind-nature;
that blossoms with a bouquet of vitality
bursting with fruitful love

You would take petals of empathy;
and compassion, threading them
through the eye of the storm that
dwelled within me, weaving confidence
into my strength.

my sails binded to ride the rough-return
venturing back to times of my early voyage

My material was held together
by shabby workmanship;
a texture of melancholy
stitched with fruitless hands,
my seams ripped apart as I matured
spilling chaos everywhere
my sails capsized into torment
I was soon to drown!

Lavender breezed softly
from your lips, the scent of
intuition tugged a tune from my
soul, which allowed me to
pull myself through.

Even now my journey
continues, but you have
helped glaze my heart
with the zests of your essence.


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Latest Comments

  • 1 year ago

    by Meena Krish

    I really like your choice of words here. They made each
    sentence come alive with clear images to hold onto...a
    touching write for someone who lifted you up yet is not
    by your side...

    Congrats on the win!

  • 1 year ago

    by mossgirl19

    Aww, forgive me for missing this gem, Michael! Ahh, that ending was just heart melting. Really beautiful! Congrats on your win!

    • 1 year ago

      by Michael

      Thank you Miss Mel :)x

  • 1 year ago

    by Scott Cole

    Congrats on ur win

    • 1 year ago

      by Michael

      Thank you Scott :)

  • 1 year ago

    by CJ Maleney

    Well done dude, this is in faves incidentally.


  • 1 year ago

    by Dagmar Wilson

    Congrats on your win

    • 1 year ago

      by Michael

      Thank you Miss Dagmar )x

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