Purple was there first

by abracadabra   Oct 2, 2018

Purple was there first
in the thudding darkness
before her eyelids flickered open
and received all the world
I'd made in me.
It coloured the placenta
where she found root,
floating in a galaxy filled with
darting fish and glowing leaves,
the branches of my womb
made magenta by the light outside.

Before that, even, there was
the bubbling potion, the witch's cloak,
the magician's hat, the dragon's scales.
In the marrow of the bone,
in the kernel of the universe,
at the very first spell,
it was there.

Maya giggles. I look down.
She is writing her name for the first time. 
She chooses purple. I ask her why. 

"It's dark and it's bright. And, Mummy,
it smells like farts."

Flecks of purple shimmer around her.


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  • 4 years ago

    by CJ Maleney

    Judges comments

    Purple was there first (by abracadabra) 7 points

    This is a rather lovely poem that depicts the creation of a life in a way I found to be unique and enthralling.

    It is an incredibly well written piece with a good flow and fantastic imagery that keeps the reader enthralled until the end.

    Oh and that ending! I giggled so much at this. Only from the lips of a little one!

    Brilliant, 7 points

  • 4 years ago

    by Brenda

    I love this. Your thoughts when you were pregnant and your baby girl. So sweet-

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