tunnel vision

by the color green   Oct 7, 2018

i walk alone
in a concrete forest
electric vines across
untouchable branches

the city rises
in a screeching crescendo
draped in a cloak
of morning sunlight

a wind-up toy
springing to life
in all of its
mechanical glory

do you notice
how your heart and feet
speak without hearing
how they form words
without thinking

how despite everything
in all its car stampedes
wailing barking idle chatter
that the world is silent
except for your thoughts

in a game of peekaboo
sound hides when you don't look for it
and that everything disappears
with the turn of a head

that your eyes can hear
your nose can taste
your ears can feel
everything and anything
seems to exist as one

so take a moment
stop seeing and start being
your feet are a part of the ground
until you start walking
and that you too

are not just a part of the city
but a world of your own


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  • 1 year ago

    by Milly Hayward

    An excellent piece that brings to the fore the ease in which we can slip into meritocracy and become lost in the concrete jungle. A worthy message to take a moment and look around and realise that you are more than this. Well done a great poem. Milly x

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