Light from Light Years Away

by Alex Penuelas   Jan 9, 2019

The stars
in the night sky
are beaming light
from light years away.

The thing is,
most of the starlight
we see at night
comes from stars
that are unfortunately
no longer with us.

Some have passed
from the time
dinosaurs walked
on this earth.

Others have passed
around the time
the earth was barely
beginning to form.

Yet their light
has outshone them.

It has existed
for millions of years,
much longer
than the star itself,
to reach our eyes.

And this light brings us
awe and wonder
and inspiration
for works of art.

Humans do a similar thing.

We write,
we draw,
we make movies.

And it is through
these works of art
that we will
be remembered
for years to come,
our own starlight.


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Latest Comments

  • 2 years ago

    by Milly Hayward

    It is staggering indeed when we stop and think about the stars having passed so many thousands of years ago yet still we have the gift of being able to see them even now.

    I like very much the idea that our creativity is our very own starlight... Milly x

  • 2 years ago

    by Star

    I believe since they are lighting the night sky, they are still with us. Lovely piece!

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