In the Head of a Climate Change Denier

by IdTakeABulletForYou   Apr 16, 2019

I can only see my life and not what lie ahead
for nothing really matters if it happens when I'm dead.
Luxury and comfort are the only words I hear
when people try to 'sensibly' feed to me all this fear.

You ask of me to change my life for those I'll never meet
and offer no solutions making it a worthy feat.
To buy a car, to change my food... neither can I afford;
with metal, and no fire, you expect I'll make a sword.

Of negligence, I claim to be informed beyond my years,
yet nonetheless ignore the pleas and cries from all my peers;
they ask me to see reason, to see what might be ahead
but nothing really matters if it happens when I'm dead.

"It's just an earthly cycle," I conclude without a thought,
"there's nothing we can do to change the world when it gets hot."
The young in third world countries already struggle to live
and maybe they should think of that before they have a kid?

The famines you insist will strike sound like a load of bull
and there's no way the earth could ever possibly be 'full'.
Super-powered storms are all subpar disaster flicks
yet you expect me to believe such storms really exist?

Through politics, the bias in agendas are all spread
so climate change does not exist; I'll say it 'til I'm dead.
The data which you reference: only lies meant to destroy
the very facets of our lives that bring us any joy.

Though many in the future are to surely die from heat
I ask for an exemption so that I may die in peace.
It's really not my problem and I tell you, honestly:
what matters on this planet, in the end, is only me.





ICYMI: this is written to be a polarizing piece from the perspective of one who denies the existence of, or the need to act on, climate change. These are not my personal views; instead, it is simply meant to spark a discussion between both sides.


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  • 1 year ago

    by Brenda

    Wow S, so happy for the foot note. I was about to go Mama Bear on you, lol. We all have to heed these warnings if anything is going to be left at all.

    • 1 year ago

      by IdTakeABulletForYou

      I feel you! I initially had it with no footnote, and realized the dry sarcasm didn't really come through well enough to be without a footnote ???? thanks for reading Brenda, much love!

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