let me tell you about my rage

by safachan   Jun 10, 2019

let me talk to you about my rage
about the burning unceasing fire that can't seem to fade
the chest contractions that want to choke me to death
and how about the rising tempertures that scold your soul away
about the choking sensation that settles between your rib cage
and the watery eyeballs that can't seem to pick a side , i mean, why would they
let me talk about the annoying shaking of hands that makes me look like a drug addict
the vibrating iching skin that makes you think i haven't bathed for months on end
or how about the hot temper that's triggered by every single breath you take
or simply the face gestures that take on a serial killer's face
let me tell you about the mood swings
that goes from "dammit i'll kill you" to "i wanna bury myself "
the guilt that overtakes and anger that fades away
or about the body that turns weak from too much thinking
or the fat that adds in because i can't keep my mouth shut
because my solice lies in food or else i'd terminate someone
let me tell you about my anger and the rage that killed my heart
the repetitive pattern that never seems to stop


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  • 5 months ago


    Dear Safachan, in your own words, this poem describes who you are, a powerful write. My analysis of it, is this; anger is a result of failure or frustration, it's explosion temporarily relives stress, like an overheated steam boiler. Anger can also be a defense for one who has a poor self image. A poor diet can knock the brain for a loop, the Greeks saw the brain for what it is, an organ of the body, body sick, brain sick, thus the saying; Sound of body, sound of mind! If I may, I suggest a check-up with a good Chiropractor, who is also a certified dietician. The problem with MD's is that their non-organic medicines can make you worse. I've been their, all of it, but, thank God, it's all gone! Great write, deserves a WIN!

  • 5 months ago

    by CJ Maleney

    Guess I'm not the only one that gets angry then. sometimes it is difficult to hold down and sometimes I simply can't.

    But I'm getting there.



    • 5 months ago

      by safachan

      thank you so much for the feedback .
      yeah we all have our share of emotional breakouts but i guess anger is one of the most common ones that we face pretty much daily.
      don't worry , it's good to understand your own emotions and to make peace with them.

  • 5 months ago

    by Milly Hayward

    This is a very powerful an angry write indeed. I think you have portrayed really well the extremes that anger can take someone. Well done it made me feel that i was right in the middle of it. Milly x

    • 5 months ago

      by safachan

      thank you so much for your kind words . i am glad that you were able to empathize with it and project of piece of yourself in it as well.

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