Hypnotic Rivers

by Someone Invisible   Jun 28, 2019

Of all the places I pass by without being able to stop,
The places I most bitterly wish to stop at are at night.
The blissfully dark, cold, black running rivers.
They look as though they have untold depths.
They look as though if I could just stop...
For just a little bit...
I could forget all this pain and sink to the bottom.
Mind finally quiet.
Heart finally still.
Eyes no longer wet with just my tears.
No longer in pain, numbed with the frigid waters.
Being whisked away.
At peace.


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  • 11 months ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    Hellon beat me to nominating this ahh!

    The truth of the "hypnotic rivers" and why they captivate you, holds a darker, heartbreaking story. You captured the yearning to have the world be that still like the dark rivers promise. To have you be away from its weight. It's hard to read because as a reader, I want to reach out to you, because I know how enchanting that darkness can be... that promise of a deep abyss. We need a place for our pain and I hope this helped soothe your mind to write this and release some of it. I hope you can have and experience some of this rest for your thoughts and heart while living, hopefully the day can be forgiving and give you some peace.

    • 11 months ago

      by Someone Invisible

      I wrote it while driving. I'm a truck driver so I'm always moving and at night when I pass by the rivers, the stillness, the facade of infinite depth is an intoxicating notion.

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