cheesy poems about how your ghost no longer haunts me.

by hiraeth   Nov 29, 2019


i keep sweating, the air is drenched with
worry. last online - a week ago.
i resort to self-soothing;

you’re fine,
something obviously came up,
maybe something did happen,
no, you’re fine.

the days spill into one another,
frantic messages piling up,
anxiety feeds off this.

last online – months ago.

above all, I wonder if you’re safe.
there's a certain cruelty to this,
but i can’t blame you –

i would’ve done exactly the same
in the circumstances.


come back to the place you called home
for a couple of years; i promise you,
you’ll find nothing but a glass of wine,
candles lit (the jasmine kind that you
love) and warmth in every corner.

so.much. warmth’d think you were charging wirelessly.

come back to the place you called home;
the air forgot the sound of your voice,
even the silence isn’t the same,
it’s a soft humming of soft sounds
but your stomach churns knowing
something is amiss.

come back to the place you called home; stopped being a home,
....when you left.


sometimes, i think we’re bound effigies that we
pin our words into, hoping that the other feels
y/our emotions. we retreat under cozy comforters
to chew the words of others to try and dull the
emptiness that we nurse in the pit of our stomachs.
except that’s never been the truth. loneliness makes
for strange bedfellows; i think, well i know that over
the years, the saccharine verses i’ve penned ebbed
away the soft parts of you & i tempered the rest in
the still-molten arguments, sharpening it on every
word that still lingers.

when the hope we find in the allure of winter nights
where the settled snow carries any ray of light as far
as it can is waning, i take the makeshift knife and
plunge it deep into my chest;
you’ve always hated the flair for the dramatic.
so i’ll spare you the pretentious words
i'd string together and offer you this;

you stirred me.

(i was a vessel filled with still water,
you birthed tsunamis and tides in me;
you’re responsible for the creation of
a whole universe by skipping a stone
in the backwaters of my consciousness.

thank you for making me
feel emotions that intense.)


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  • 7 months ago

    by Shruti

    Are these three different poems? Because when I read them all together they feel like one whole poem, and it feels more beautiful that way, though sad.
    This is like in an ascending order, like how the volume of the paragraphs are increasing with each one, along with the emotions and intensity and the details. Love this ~

  • 7 months ago

    by Everlasting

    Then Keep spamming... ?

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