Some two thousand twenty's resolutions

by nourayasmine   Dec 19, 2019

There it is. A glowing dot
in the sky. You could hear it's whistle
before it lands.

You watch it blow in a voice that's
become familiar. It was a very long
time ago, and the voice is
still there, pulling the air out
of your lungs.

But you know that
one gets to feel this
much broken only once. You
know that this heartbreak
loses it's sadness
with time, disguising as
reminiscent smiles.

You know that in time,
you'll forget the piles of garbage bags, and
the rotting remains of helpless bodies
in your backyard,
you'll only remember the cobblestone streets,
the perfume of early blossoms.
You'll forget the handcuffs, the executions,
and miss those colorful, small houses
scattered along the outskirts.
You'll forget the hunger and the cruelty
of januaries,
but the walls of your neighborhood,
that saved your handwriting
and your tiny sketches of
hearts and peace signs, will
always find a way to your dreams.

You're as strong and
as weak
as this.


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  • 7 months ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    I'm so happy this is on the front page. I keep reading the last three lines over and over, that testament to how human we are. There's something so raw in realizing the "broken" parts of us, that we break down because we may be helpless to the destruction already witnessed. The sketches of hearts and peace signs made my heart smile - keep that close to you. I can't imagine how hard it must be to remember, the past and the cruelty of both the past and present, but you're not alone.

    Love you lots!

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