by Mark   Mar 15, 2020


Majestic; globalism's own pulsing heart:
That earth-wide travels merely can be bought
And sold till small it shrinks, tho' world's apart,
'Till one ill bat does sneeze the sneeze of fraught!
Distress is blown and dominos collide;
But one in billion of trillions in size,
How small-a-pillar hold the mighty wide
'Till every home's normality then cries?
Not mine, I'm far thus safe from Wuhan's flu
Some cases rise but quarantine will fair;
Fear not sweet neighbour, neither I or you
Distrupt our daily norm for their affair.

But viewing newer pillars' great so fall
I wonder if the rubble's us in all...


Like rats they swarm deprived and strip the shelves
To fight till last with no tomorrow's store,
They bicker loud and bite amongst themselves
And chew upon the papered spoils of war.
The panic breeds! A newer virus spawns:
Contagious fear; no mask could filter out
And sends them running fierce; it's frantic pawns,
'Till barest bares the shame to linger 'bout.
As paper, food depletes it's end of day;
Disgruntled many leave and wane their shop
With curse upon their lips, here not to say!
Then back again new beasts that cannot stop.

Yes I proclaim here's me: oh the wiser!
Wait...'No! Hands off, that's my sanitiser!"


I'll rinse the stowaways on my dear hands
By smothering that silk and slimey goo,
If irritation wins, my faith withstands;
For feared corona waits, if failed to do.
I need more potion, how I need more wash!
I find me captured in this rush of most,
With thoughts that jumble in the scrub and slosh:
My hands' sufficient, that corona's toast!
But what the morrow? I need shop much more:
Three hundred rolls and pasta's stringy sticks
And little tunas plucked in tins' galore,
Buy bulk like crowds whom surely know the picks.

My world's infected by corona's curse
Perhaps more toilet rolls, I'll feel less worse.


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Latest Comments

  • 7 months ago

    by Milly Hayward

    A well-written set of sonnets that completely embraces the current issues. Knowing how difficult sonnets are no mean feat of achievement. I loved, in particular, the glint of humor that wove through the chaos and the final two lines particularly pertinent for many right now :)
    Milly x

  • 7 months ago

    by Tony Grannell

    Hello Mark,
    A trilogy of very fine sonnets indeed. You have covered everything in a profound, insightful and witty way - the corona effect and effectively composed. You are a master sonneteer, I must say. Very well done.
    Kind regards, Tony.

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