My Journey

by TimeTraveller   May 2, 2020

I sailed my ship
Not knowing where.

Full it was,
Of things I didn't need.
Grief, sorrow and things I will borrow

To the unknown was my quest,
But landed in the west.

Behind me I was-
leaving a trace,
Such a grace,
To bring you from the Levant,
That's what I want.

A blink it was like,
But it was actually not
Years passed,
and you tied your knot.

What went wrong?
I wanted to check.
I looked behind me,
And I saw the wreck,
As I was sailing away-
I Looked around me,
Everything was gray.

I searched the debris,
And found an arrow,
Which now I will borrow.

I shot it away, to deliver a message,
It came back to me with a presage:

"The wreck you saw, it was you."

I realized it then,
That I will pay for my sin.
I lost what matters half way the trip
I lost myself, as I was the ship.


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Latest Comments

  • 3 years ago

    by Shruti

    "Full it was,
    Of things I didn't need.
    Grief, sorrow and things I will borrow"
    - these are my favourite lines. For me, it shows how the person possessed many things but was not satisfied, and kept looking for that one thing he wanted. But when the person finally finds it, it is too late; he realizes the value of everything but the damage has already happened.
    And I love the ship metaphor!

  • 3 years ago

    by Meena Krish

    As a reader, this poem carries a lot of emotional weight which trails behind the person. The writer wants to make it right wants to heal but how when the writer itself feels wrecked. Maybe I'm wrong about the impression of this poem but it's what I feel...take care

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