Paper Boat

by Rania Moallem   Jun 4, 2020

A paper boat that trembles
above deep waters.

Propelled by ripples
of place & time;
I am lost
in your ocean.

from the inside,
having no sail
to catch the wind.

Aimlessly wandering,
reaching no final destination.


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  • 1 month ago

    by Violet Raven

    Another deep poem from you and this is one of my favorite metaphorical poem that I've read from you. Even the title holds meaning the intertwines with the poem.

    Great set up sentence with the first lines here. It feels like you are the paper boat and you are swimming barely above the deep ocean or i guess in this case floating and trying not to drown in an ocean of emotions.

    You are propelled by memories (which are the ripples here). And the reader finds out a person is the ocean so with what the reader knows so far, you are the paper boat (your body is?) And you are floating by ripples trying not to drown inside this person (the ocean).

    I love the word fragile here combined with the word paper because they go hand in hand imo. You and your emotions are the paper boat and if one tear happens you will break apart. So you are fragile because you have been hurt. And in that your sail (which could represent happiness) is gone. And without that happiness it feels like you are stuck.

    You are lost and it makes sense because sadness makes you feel that way. Also you don't see any destination in the horizon

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