Familiar Strangers

by Lost Shadow   Aug 7, 2020

Our bodies sit right next to each other
While our minds are worlds apart

Years of memories but nothing to say
Familiar voices with new faces

Everything is different
Struggling to find our old selves in each other

We were so close
Now we couldn’t be further away

Time apart drove us to opposite ends
Both of us struggling to hold on

Slowly loosening our grips once again
Feeling like it is time to let go

Finally letting each other go
Realzing we're nothing more than familiar strangers


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  • 11 months ago

    by hiraeth

    This hits home, like a lot. Over time, you lose touch and the times you do see one another it feels awkward to try and rekindle so you just keep yourself warm with past memories until you move on. Powerful write.

    Welcome to P&Q!

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