by Matt Carroll   Aug 10, 2020

Just a distant echo in these halls
A picture torn down from the walls
Pages wrenched crassly from their spines
Blossoms severed swiftly from their very tines

Just a faded memory of what was had
Before all the good times turned to bad
Back when it seemed this might've mattered
Proven so wrong when I was wholly shattered

Just a repeat of failures, pains felt in past
As far from the first time as is from the last
It's hard to find reasons to even keep trying
For all of these flaws there is just no denying

Just an empty shell, a husk of what once was
Quite clearly, broken surely is as as broken does
So forget who you knew, for their hearts gone astray
For it's darkness, the monster that remains from this day


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  • 3 months ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    The rhyme was fantastic in this, and the repetition of "just" to start every stanza further illustrated that sense of being emptied out, hollow. I felt the utter exhaustion, as being torn down time and time again can make us feel like we have nothing left to give. You pinned that hopelessness as well as being unable to get out of the darkness so well here.

    Keep sharing!