cacoethes for yearning you.

by hiraeth   Aug 27, 2020

the lambent light of the skies pours through
the window and onto you – cast in sunshine,
and as the lead in a play of light, you usurp
the moon, stretching golden hour into hours,
staying the clamor of dusk. you become kinetic,
slipping into asanas, swaying side to side like
ocean tides. beautiful shape shifter, you’re
poetry in motion. with a tiger’s eye in incident
light – i follow your shadow, reading through
the chapters of a story your soul desires to narrate.
becoming undone at the prospect of catching you
in a worldly light, as temporary as it may be before
you return to your ethereal self. your palms variegate,
midnight blue & amaranth – i want to part the seam
and explore the gulf between the two parts of you
that are in constant flux.

without experiencing a different sun –
i worship yours in secret,
love is fickle like that.

asana - body posture / pose found in yoga, bharatanatyam, etc


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  • 4 months ago

    by Meena Krish

    What an interesting way to describe a yoga pose turning it into a beautiful person with such elegance yet filled with beauty. I liked the words you have chosen to bring this alive! Well written!

  • 4 months ago

    by Star

    Your usage of words is so interesting!!! The way you deliver the emotions is unique. The love in this is so powerful, it’s shifting from being perplexed to a zen mode. It’s like your trying to find the balance of loving that person (like they’re your type of meditation), but still being true to yourself.

    I maybe completely off, but I dont care this is one real good piece of poetry!!

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