My Invisible Friend

by Mark Spencer   Oct 30, 2020

This is the story of a boy,
Who had an invisible friend.
His parents thought he was silly,
A friend like that is just pretend.

One fateful day, their son got sick,
The doctors told them he might die.
He had slipped into a coma,
And they could find no reason why.

But the spark of life was fading,
The doctors feared he'd soon be gone
His parents waited helplessly,
Afraid he'd pass before the dawn.

In the wee hours of the morning,
They paid a visit to his room.
And there they saw the strangest sight,
A golden glow cut through the gloom.

There He was, in all His glory,
The Son of God stood by the bed.
They couldn’t hear the words He spoke,
But they were sure their boy was dead.

Yeshua knelt and kissed the child,
And then He faded from their view.
Fearfully they neared the bed,
Unsure if what they saw was true.

Their little boy lay motionless;
As tears fell from his mother’s eyes,
Then a voice said: “Don't cry Mommy.”
This took his parents by surprise.

They called out for an orderly,
And told the doctor what they’d heard.
Once all the tests had been performed,
They were asked how their son was cured.

A thoughtful smile was their response,
They didn't speak of what they saw.
The two just stood in an embrace,
Their spirits overcome with awe.

How could one see a miracle,
And not be altered by the sight?
For they were both profoundly changed,
Transformed by what they saw that night.

They asked their son what he recalled,
The boy just looked at them and grinned.
He gave them both a wink, and said:
“That was my invisible friend.”


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