by hiraeth   Dec 31, 2020

how does softness remain? you’re overwhelming in the exact manner
i need you to be – all-encompassing like gravity, i fall to you always.
there are better ways to illustrate my point, but i fail often with words;
there’s never enough words to capture the depth of this yearning for
you. perhaps, this is a side-effect of being malleable by your hands only,
maybe one has to become inundated with all types of love to categorize
whatever this is, maybe we stumbled across something new. dawn brings
something new, and here i am, angry at sunrise for taking away the same
moon that watches over you. i've never been scared of spilling, i'm certain
you’ll find just the right vessel to catch me in. i never know where you end
and where i begin; you’ve convinced me of the infinite. i’ll tear myself apart
and find what remains. how do your words remain? how do you still remain?


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