a fickle sun

by hiraeth   Dec 31, 2020

honeyed as your words were,
it was your heart that did me in.
in this moment i wonder if
you’re an iron cast for all things good,
as sunshine pours into you
as if it were molten lead.

you have a
certain affinity for the
kind of intimacy that can
only be found in the night
when the jasmines come to.

i'll offer you the darkest parts of me –
it must be cleansing for the both of us,
i become holy and you gain a new worshipper;

oh, to be a sun,
like you.


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  • 2 months ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    The intimacy, admiration, vulnerability of opening up to someone, and the power in which they draw you in, no matter the outcome or their true intentions. I read this as their passion and heat being too much, or changing over time, but now, all you see is their light and you are powerless in their grasp. Those last two lines are like a confession, or a soft exhale, that you can't help but be near them.

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