by Stuti Singh   Feb 3, 2021

I wait...
Will I always be alone?
The last of my kind?
Are they all dead?
Dead and gone, I know.
I know...
Though I wish that it were not so
Now that none believe,
what now?
Do I hide away in secret?
Do I pine to death for my kin?
I grieve...
but what more can I do?
Hunted into near-extinction,
the last of my people,
the last of the unicorns,
I feel so-
Magic could take me away,
to a world that would appreciate
my strange beauty;
but dare I go?
For the few that DO believe,
could I leave them?
I wait...
for answers...
for guidance...
I wait,
the last of my kind,
I wait.


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  • 8 months ago

    by Mr. Darcy

    Unicorns - i like this. Your imagination becoming one of these magnificent, magical animals. Still, this is not a joyful read, it is painfully sad, for one cannot become two and so, unless hope can work its magic, we watch and wait until...

    This poem about extinction could easily be overlaid with that of many species that face that fact in reality.

    • 8 months ago

      by Stuti Singh


      Yeah...I am very certain it will. But then, isn't that expected?

      Whereas , Unicorns are these mystical creatures that existed once upon a time and now they are extinct! So those years when the last ones of its species were alive...

      That is what this is all about Mr Darcy.

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