a mirage (napowrimo 2021: day 17)

by hiraeth   Apr 28, 2021

picture this –

you are bound to her,
blossoms and all. she
is reticent but her eyes
tell all. she clings to her
books, dons a white dress
and tells you that she is
here to stay.

and you believe her.

one day, you will blink.
you know nothing of her
anymore. she is a familiar
melody you hum once
every blue-moon.

she is of star-dust now.

you try to picture
her once more:

her dress is a freshly
blossomed jasmine
that envelops her,
her hands are stained
with ink, and tells you
she is back.

what changed?

prompt: age by obscure in the napowrimo thread


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  • 1 week ago

    by Keira Pickard

    Intriguing and beautifully written :) congratulations!

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