Emma needs love too

by Em   Jun 10, 2021

Emotionally scarred but
Mature enough about it.
Mad as in crazy, sometimes
Allow me time to heal, please...

Never break my heart again.
Even now I'm fabricating an
Excuse for your appallingly
Disgusting, aggressive behaviour
So I can be logical about this:

Love isn't a one way street full
Of loneliness, tears, bruised faces and
Vivid dreams of obituries due to feelings
Etching tattooed blame for more mishaps.

Trust falters because of your lies.
Of course now I'm 32 I realise it exists,
Only I can give me the love I truly need.


Authors note: with special thanks to my dear friend Mr. Darcy =)


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  • 1 week ago

    by Mr. Darcy

    Em, I admire how you write these acrostic forms and share your advice with us. Keep on writing, as this is giving you all the love those men never could! Xx

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