by Em   Jul 13, 2021

I never thought I could be 
manipulated into anything
but you charmed your way
into my vulnerability, you
seem to have a sixth sense
when it comes to angels
seeking some stability;

you had me cornered,
so you thought, because
I wore your ring around
my fragile, babylike finger.

White signified purity but
I was anything but pure,
you'd seen to that when
we made love before we
said our wedding vows -

it's laughable now all the
sneaking around but I was
nieve to the damage you'd
cause until I was forced to
cover up my injuries and
become deceitful to anyone
I admired or spent time with.

"if I can't have you no one else will,"
was a threat you always made but
I'm not petrified of the monster I
married anymore because the control
you had over me is slipping through
your fingers; bit by bit and it's
enpowering -

control will soon be mine,
victorious, I will stand and
silhouettes will never haunt
my self conscious mind



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  • 1 year ago

    by Milly Hayward

    A powerful piece that rejects all that has gone on before and in that final stanza it reflects the strong, brilliant, beautiful phoenix that is you Rising boldly and more magnificent from the ashes. Milly x