Terrible things

by Em   Jul 15, 2021

I wake up to the four same walls again;
like the rest of us nowadays
though for me, it's one day closer to eviction,
losing my job has clearly taken its toll
and divorce proceedings do not help.

It's only 4.02am,
I think I've had about 30 minutes broken sleep
and I'm worrying what the day will bring
whilst walls close in around me,
I hold my breathe;

it helps a little
but I nearly lose consciousness
I'm unsure whether this is
due to lack of sleep
or nutrition.

At this moment I can't even stomach toast,
it seems to lodge itself in my disturbed* throat -
trying to tell me I have better things to do
with what little time I have left here.

Retching on toast and my own vomit,
I try and make myself look presentable -
throwing yesterday's shrewn clothes on.



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  • 1 year ago

    by Rania

    Em, I often read touching poems like this one and wonder if their authors realize how strong they are to pour their heart out that way. It took me a lot of time not to be ashamed of my sadness or to express myself in such a raw way. Your approach in this poem has touched me deeply. I could feel the pain ans distress and I feel how tired and hungry you are for a break and a peace of mind throughout your lines. Thank you for sharing.