Saying Goodbye to the Lost Ones

by Maple Tree   Jun 19, 2021

How do I say goodbye to the eyes of beauty?

To touch a person's life
is not what captivates my heart-
its how the person has touched mine.

I remember the day I reached out
to a lost soul and I found my reason
for living.

She and He; made my ability to extend compassion
with such ease and I felt an enormous amount of love-
Love reaching far beyond what a person can comprehend.

I will be leaving a part of me with them...

to move on, meeting others with lost eyes
and beauty within them, to teach me
stories of why the world is a beautiful
place with them in it.

I'll never forget the faces
the hearts
and the smiles they bring to my face.

I wont forget the day I realized
they were not lost, it was I
who was lost.

Walking into a Homeless shelter
has brought beauty to my life
and pain to my heart as I walk


I wrote this poem
to share at my going away party
to happen in Mid July, at the Mission
I work at in New York.
I am moving back to my home state of Kansas
end of July.


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  • 3 months ago

    by Star

    This is truly beautiful <3

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