An emotional war zone

by the warrior   Jul 17, 2021

I'm caught in the middle of a war...

A war with no correct side...

Both sides think they are right, they think they are doing the most good...

Wedged between the sides, there is a middle group- the undecided;
and according to each side, the undecided must choose a side like their life depends on it.

I'm in the middle, I'm one of the undecided.

There are verbal bullets flying past my head...
Some of the informational bullets are just a hoax, some are lies,
some are truth and some have no power behind them at all.

My people, my family is also split- some say choose a side and some say go with
your gut, but how are you supposed to think let alone pick a side when there is so much noise.

Noise on what's right and the noise of what's wrong and everything in between.

So, undecided I remain- stuck in the middle of verbal bullets, hidden informational landmines,
and good old painful truths of bear traps.


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  • 2 years ago

    by Milly Hayward

    People on two sides of an argument often believe that their opinion is the only right one and that anything that differs is wrong. They expect unreasonably that the people in the middle pick a side or be condemned as being on the side of the enemy.

    The truth is that generally in disagreements there are always grey areas.

    The people in the middle are reluctant to take sides because they can see the right and wrong in both sides and feel it would be wrong to take sides. Which actually makes them the stronger person because they are not giving into pressure. A great write
    Milly x

  • 2 years ago

    by Maple Tree

    Oh........ I love this collection of emotional thoughts. Keep writing my girl <3

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