My Heart’s Intentions

by Kate   Oct 19, 2021

So many words left unsaid, only hinted to
But eagerly spilled emotions can turn sour
I wish to explain the ways in which I feel for you
My heart’s in your hands, giving you the power

I wish only to shed pure light into your life
To fill your world with both laughter and smile
To rid you of all pain that cuts deep like a knife
And make your life easier, if just for a while

A shoulder to cry on if you find that you need it
To be a true confidant, always willing to listen
To mend damage from those who preceded
And rid your cheeks of their teary glisten

In case I forgot to mention
These are my heart’s intentions


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  • 1 year ago

    by Lost star

    Beautifully penned! I found myself nodding whilst reading this, I think alot of people can relate. Wonderful.

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