Just for Today

by Kate   Nov 17, 2021

Sunlight pours through closed blinds
Casting a row of light beads on my pillow
Illuminating chipped nails, freckles on pale skin
The vividly blue veins in my hands and wrists
Streaks of gold and nearly auburn in my hair
I’ve not found a good reason to get out of bed
Not the unfinished homework five feet away
Or lack of groceries in my fridge
Not the clothes still unpacked in my suitcase
Or the desire to feel hot water on my skin
Instead, I lay counting the bumps on the ceiling
Watching the fan take its 4763rd turn
Fingers pulling at the frayed edges of my cover
Doing next to nothing just for today


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  • 2 weeks ago

    by Wayne Gates

    I love this. To be content with doing nothing more than being at peace with that moment in time is sublime.

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