by AR   Nov 30, 2021

I wish I had faith
That everything was going to be okay
But I wasn’t born that way
Maybe god wanted me that way
Yet how I was raised
I started to see the world a certain way
Then abuse and rape came into play
The little grey I thought I could still see
Vanished as quickly as my purity


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  • 2 years ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    This shattered me reading this. It's such a poignant piece in those nine lines, especially in the role of "faith" in our lives and what it means to us. It's devastating when we are hurt so deeply that we lose our faith and trust in others, and as a result, in the world as a whole. This honestly made me think of how, for some, faith can save people, as it's their anchor and what keeps them moving forward. And whether that faith is tied to religion or just seeing the world in a bright perspective, when there are doubts and the continuation of pain, there's a sadness in wondering what losing that faith permanently will mean. I keep reading the third and fourth line and taking it in different ways. Born that way, as in, being an optimist and not even meaning religious necessarily, but seeing the good in others. And because of everything thrown at you, and what you've had to endure, you can't have that faith in others understandably. I also take it growing up too fast, not having the chance at a carefree past. Or going back and forth between thinking there is more to life than this, only to be faced with having to cope and process with horrors no person should have to go through. You said so much and shared so many raw emotions in this, thank you for sharing.

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