My Dark Angel

by Kate   Jan 8, 2022

I hope, only just for now,
This is the way it was intended to be.
If you ever decide to come back,
Please do so carefully.
For we both have broken hearts
That still require mending.
How does one truly remedy themselves
When it feels that pain is never-ending?
The words of promise that I’ve spoken,
Their meaning is not lost.
Know that I would do anything,
No matter what the cost.
My heart will never fill with anger;
For you I have unwavering care.
With hopes your life will fill with happiness,
For you to see you are a star so rare.
Perhaps you are gone forever,
Maybe there is no proper goodbye.
And if that is our reality, I hope you heal,
And learn to embrace your wings to fly.
You have the strength of mighty gods, my love.
Light those damp matches, rekindle lost fires.
You could make this earth fall at your feet,
And can accomplish all that you desire.
I will always love you.
Those five words will forever remain true.
So go ahead my dark angel, find yourself,
And be the beautiful thing I always knew.


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