Charlotte Rose

by Stephen   May 7, 2022

Charlotte, baby girl, I know you're probably confused;
Questioning why both your parents aren't together for you.
Why there are no family pictures with your Daddy involved
that you could point to in excitement as they hang from the wall.
First of all, please remember that this isn't your fault.
What's the fighting worth when you aren't getting results?
Every concern of your care I voiced was met with revolt
and though I yearn to be there for you, your mom shuts me out.
Says she don't like that I shout, although it's never at you,
She pokes the beast for a reaction and convenient excuse
to limit our interaction although that's hurting you too.
That's the truth, feel like I'm hated for the things that I do.

It wasn't always like this..
there was a time when Dad's time with Mom was priceless.
We'd contemplate life and dream of the nights when
we'd have our own family to build our life with.
Your grandparents weren't happy when your mom broke the news.
She had to leave the day she found out she was pregnant with you.
Mom had nowhere to go, I took her in, without question.
Did everything for both of you and that's not an expression
Or exaggeration, I was patient though I'd constantly question
Why your Mom didn't want to work or show some kind of progression?
Daddy didn't feel appreciated, she showed no affection,
moved you away to her sisters house with dudes there ingesting
heroin into their body, baby this is depressing.
Nobody cared about what I had said, you're her possession.
Simply confessing, what leads to the pain that causes aggression.

The impression that these people paint is one where they're perfect.
But I promise nobody's perfect, if you could be, they'd be the furthest.
I've been there for you the entire time through all of this hurting,
sorry you're witnessing Daddy yelling cuz Mommy's not working,
one thing's for certain,
I held two jobs, got told it wasn't enough,
I'm nothing, your Mom's family hates me,
I should probably give up.
What you think babygirl? My belief is when times get tough
You have to shine your brightest like a diamond in the rough.

You're the brightest star in my darkest sky,
follow your heart, but use your brain, I know you'll thrive.
You've changed my life for the better ever since you arrived;
You are my miracle and I'll always be by your side.
Even when I'm not there, in your heart, you keep me close.
Every time you feel your heart beat, consider it my pulse.
You gave me newfound purpose, reignited my vision
Life isn't perfect, but it's close when you love what you're given.

Stephen Greenleaf © 2022


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  • 1 year ago

    by Shruti

    What a sad and beautiful poem. I hope your daughter knows that you love her so much. May you both remain happy.

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