Abandoned Rembrance

by Andrea   Aug 14, 2004

Everything is a picture, waiting to painted
The scene is etched in one’s mind for remembrance
So picturesque of only what you want to observe
The difference isn’t always so clear
In a way, all is related as you think it is diverse
A game, a puzzle-never meant to figure out
Almost fun as it is riveting in the mystery of this life
Time passes by whether you’re prepared for it to or not
You can’t always see time
Watching the clock pass minute by minute, hour after hour
Standing there waiting while everything else moves on
Nothing will stop it—the pain, the suffering just stays until [you] decide to move on
Staying back, holding the key to your future
Don’t drop it or all is lost
Grasping this time frame, reminiscing forsaken memories that are gone
No, it will never be the same
The skies and clouds tell a different story
The moon and stars will never fail you
Staring through the glared window, drowsy
Tomorrow is another day but the memory of him will never cease.


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  • 15 years ago

    by Broken

    you are sooooooo talented! im not just sayin that either! i really do like all that i've read! keep it up