Murder of Love

by Andrea   Apr 13, 2005

Her long dark hair first attracted me.
The smile of her laughter was so content.
She was too beautiful, even for me.
But our love was held so strongly.
She trusted me and I was her guide.

I still can see her, right now in front of me.
She’s sitting on her stool, painting.
Painting me with her mind and soul
With those vibrant pastels she holds,
Creating our destiny on paper to find.

So clearly her smile fades from life.
Her wretched screams fascinate me.
I bottle her beauty for only me to gaze.
She belongs to me and I will be her craze.
We will now be together for eternity.

She is not missed by her friends and family.
They did not appreciate her as much as I do.
They did not even want us to be together,
But I removed them and now we will be forever.
She should have been grateful for what I did.

Her innocence and naïve bravery is why I killed her.
She was not appreciative for what I have done.
She wanted to leave me, but no I couldn’t have that.
We had to stay together forever and I wanted her back.
I killed her for love so no one but me could have her.

She will always love only me as I will only love her.
She is not really gone. No, she is still with me here.
Her essence flares my soul forcing impression.
But without her surely I would be in depression.
I continue to stare at her beauty as she paints our love.


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Latest Comments

  • 15 years ago

    by LostHopesCrimsonTears

    Great Poem. Very beautiful imagry

  • 15 years ago

    by Richard

    dark and meaningful very well done ur good n talented

  • 15 years ago

    by joe

    sorry about my last comment, i wasnt exactly "in tune with the world" i was alittle messed up last night so please dont be offended by what i said. its all how i feel but since i was alittle wacked out last night it didnt come out as it should have.
    You really do have amazing talent in your work and im so happy to be blessed to know of you....and your so beautiful words cant begin to describe the feeling i get when i think about how lucky i am to talk to you.
    i know it has been awhile and i do miss you but most importantly i wish you the best in whatever you do
    take care pussycat,
    -love ya-Teddy
    -Allen :)

  • 15 years ago

    by joe

    DAMN!!!, YOU LOOK amazing girl. omg i always knew you was a beautiful person inside and OUT....and such a great poem i really miss you, has been awhile since we talked hopefully this summer...i look forward to it!!!
    love ya,

  • 15 years ago

    by Fierce

    Hey Hun,
    So intriging, I loved it. Why haven't you written for ages? Please post some more, you are such an awesome poet and I come on here for your work. It helps me to escape my pain too. Oh yeah, by the way... Have you entered any competitions yet? If not, please please do cause your such an amazing writter
    Keep the Faith
    Love Sarah