My Unfortunate Life

by A Broken Bleeding Soul   Apr 30, 2005

*One of the best I've ever written*


I cry but you don't see
I bleed but you don't care
All I have in me
Is a heart left in despair

My body is so frail and weak
My eyes burn from my tears
Day by day I live this life
And live it by my fears

Depressed is what I am
And what I'll always be
Happy is what I'm not
And what you'll always see

Lost in my own world
Lost inside my head
I'm alive and I am breathing
I live as if I'm dead

I want for all to trust in me
And believe the words I say
Believe me when I'm telling you
That I'm really not okay

Look past this perfect mask
Past these big blue eyes
Listen past the senseless noise
Listen closely to my cries

But this will never happen
Because I'm too afraid to show
All that's kept inside of me
All that you don't know

I'm contained within myself
And my never-ending pain
I'm contained within this tiny person
Whose almost gone insane

Again I begin to cry
I begin to crave the blade
I look back on this sensless life
And all my mistakes made

The temptation is so strong
For that subtle sting of steel
The warm blood and the piercing pain
That I always love to feel

I know that when I'm done
I'll have another scar
I close my eyes and hope
That the knife goes down real far

With all the hatred burning inside
I push down with my knife
I'm sorry you found me with this poem
Titled "My Unfortunate Life"

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© Copyright 2005


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  • 8 years ago

    by Marvellous

    Every wheat ferments for good brew. Death is never the best option.

  • 14 years ago

    by xo kisses xo

    Omg...i love it!!!!!

    xoxo becca

  • 15 years ago

    by Cassie

    Wow thats really good!! i feel like i have mask to .. i hide my depression side all the time .
    :( ..

  • 15 years ago

    by Crimson Princess

    Its really good

  • 15 years ago

    by perfectlyBROKEN

    Well done. u have a gift. keep ur head up luv and always believe in urself. Ur a inspiration to all. Love yah!!! plez leav comments for my poems as im new hea lol. Keep it Love Hannah