Hoping For The Best For Who Is Me

by A Broken Bleeding Soul   May 30, 2005

*True Story... please read all of it*

She's searching for someone in whom to confide
Searching for a way for her pain to subside
She's only given laughs and hurtful glares
She walks along feeling those piercing stares

She's not given the help that she really needs
So she turned to the knife and she constantly bleeds
She found a way to numb the unbearable pain
No longer does she care if she hits a vein

All she needs in her screwed up life
Are her cuts, her drugs, and her trustworthy knife
One night she decides once again to get high
So her body is numb and the time flies by

She injects, she sniffs, she smokes her weed
She's so high she can't feel, she's satisfied her greed
A hit of the speed, a sniff of the coke
She's almost passed out, she begins to choke

Her body so weak and her bloodshot eyes
It's not long until she wishes she dies
Cut after cut, she carves on her arm
It's her sweet release, her own self-harm

She places the knife on her satin wrist
As she pushes it down she makes a fist
Amused by the blood that begins to pour out
She feels the pain but she doesn't shout

She's aware her next breath may be her last
She knows death's near and she hopes it comes fast
Her body's so weak she falls to the ground
A few minutes later her body is found

Her best friend found her in her bloody trail
She helped her escape from death's horrid jail
She tried to die but die she did not
She attempted a crime but she was caught

She prayed to God to set her free
"I don't want to live, just let me be"
She spent five long months in a hospital bed
She would have much rather wanted to be dead

What a messed up girl and a messed up mind
I really hope that salvation she'll find
And now I'm hoping for the best for who is me
This was another story of what I used to be

*This is the story of my first suicide attempt. I used to be a very messed up girl... I used to always do drugs and I cut myself daily. I've improved a lot. Please vote and comment*

© Copyright 2005


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Latest Comments

  • 14 years ago

    by Wallace

    A very sad poem, i enjoyed it, i always believed that sad poems were the best and you reminded me that.

    Best Wishes

  • 15 years ago

    by Georgia

    It great to here uv improved im kinda at the stage in ur poem minus the drug....keep up the good writing 5/5

  • WHOA! thats all i can say. this poem is really good. it has so emotion in it and i love it. keep writting.. im alwyas here if u need to talk.

  • 15 years ago

    by Cassie

    OMG thats so sad ... ur friend found u ... im soo glad she did ! but wow its sad that she had to see ur close to death experience .. ur like my FAV . poet of all time!

  • 15 years ago

    by Crimson Princess

    Im glad your doing better....as usual the poems good keep it up.