Living on a dream

by confusion   Jun 25, 2005

One of the only things keeping her sane
is her imagination running wild
she dreams of distant, magical lands
as you are told of when a child

stories designed to send you to sleep
to fill young minds with hope, no fears
theses same stories are her true blessings
as in them she can instantly fade each tear

she takes the sobs
she takes the cries
she takes the hate
caused by countless lies

with her magical waving wand
with its golden sparkle glow
she waves her delicate wrist
so no more scars will show
waves a second time
as her wishes start to grow
a third and final wave
bring wings to rise her from below

no standard white wings would suffice
in this imaginative mind she owns
but the most delicate, laced wings
with her favourite colours in each tone

like a butterfly guarding her body
placed carefully upon her worn back
she flies even higher, beyond the stars
then watches the sparkles from the black

she names and blesses
each star in vision
then glides to catch one as it falls
placed in her pocket
for a rainy day
for a purpose worth its cause

she reaches a place of peace
and rests amongst her dreams
a smile dances upon her innocent face
and she forgets her raw open seams

so you tell this girl to come back to earth
to the place the ache and pain was made
or let her dream on in fantasies
as through her imagination, she will be saved


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  • 15 years ago

    by stephyG

    hey.. i really love the title of ur poem.. n the rest was just great well done mWaz.. plEase Chek out sum of mine if ya getta chance mwaz :):) stephy!

  • 15 years ago

    by Lil Luce

    wow excellent again..r.eally like this one...had a perfect flow through out and followed on woderful ..espec love last line!